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Why The Reestablishing Of Gray Wolves Is Of Utmost Importance

That an essential part is played by the gray wolves in the promotion of a healthy environment is a fact that does not need to be belabored. The way they do this is by controlling the populations of the deer and elk alongside other animals by preying on them. Subsequently the species of plant go up. Nutrients that come from the animal carcasses are redistributed in terms of food for various species of wildlife. Among the animals that take advantage of that situation are the grizzly bears and scavengers.

As a result of successful reintroduction of the gray wolves the parks no longer experience the challenges of erosion, out of balance ecosystem and defoliation. The high population of the elk and deers was to blame for the unfortunate state of the parks. These animals had the tendency of overgrazing on the willows and other plants. The resultant effect of this was that the structures near the riverbank and the soil were negatively affected.

The reintroduction of the gray wolves into the park has led to a perfect balance among the prey and predators. The reason why this is the case is because the wolves are regarded as topping the list of aggressive predators. The previous removal of the predators led to a trophic cascade. This happened since the food webs experienced disruption. As a result of the reestablishment the elks transformed their patterns of behavior. In places like the gorges and valleys where the predators roamed, the herbivores kept away.

Bears, mice and the beavers took the advantage of the reestablishment of the gray wolves to make a comeback to the parks. The return was informed by the regeneration that the park underwent that meant that erosion was combated. The end result of this was the plant life along the riverbanks was rejuvenated. When the park achieved stability in the riverbanks rivers and streams were able to chart new courses.

The scavengers stood to reap the benefits in major ways of the reestablishment of the gray wolves into the park. What was left of the preys by the wolves benefitted the carrion feeders like the bears, eagles, and magpies. The effective strategy that is adopted by the feeders id to follow the wolves at a close distance and raven on the remains. When the food stressed winters come knocking, they have no reason to worry.

Riparian vegetation increased as a result of the reintroduction of the gay wolves into the park. When regulated browsing was achieved the Apache trout received a new lease of life since they were on the verge of extinction before.

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