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?Importance Of Education For Youth Aging Out Of Foster Care ??

?Youth coming out of the foster care system need to get an education so that they can be able to?get good jobs and support themselves. When a foster youth does not have a proper education, they may be forced into crime which can lead to a criminal record. There can also be lower crime rates when foster youth are engaged in useful activities such as going to college instead of engaging in criminal activity because they have nothing else to do. Many of the youth who are aging out of foster care do not have a place to go and they may end up homeless and living on the streets. Foster youth will not have to struggle if they get tuition waivers which will enable them to secure an education which can change the direction of their lives. ?????
?Some of the foster youth are brilliant and they can be able to achieve good grades and get an education which will help them in the future. ?When foster youth get funding for their education, they will be able to pursue the careers that they desire. Some of the people who can play a key role in ensuring that foster youth get a college education which will be beneficial are lawmakers. ?Politicians can also improve the lives of foster youth by ensuring that they get enough funding for their college education.?????
Ashleigh Hunt spends?her energy advocating for college education for foster youth through additional funding from different bodies. One way for change to happen is through the education of foster youth and this can be done through advocacy which will ensure that lawmakers commit to looking into the problem of lack of education for foster youth. Without commitment, it is difficult for people to take any action to ensure that foster youth get college education so it is important to get some commitment from the people that one addresses. ?Depending on the group that one is speaking to about increasing funding for education for foster youth, it is important to tailor a message to that specific group so that one can be able to communicate clearly in a way that will be understood by the group.??

Additional funding for college education for foster youth can be achieved especially when one speaks to people who have power and influence. It is important that the matter of foster youth is taken seriously so that foster youth can have a brighter future and contribute to a country’s economy. One of the ways to show care to foster youth is to provide them with opportunities to better their life through a college education.

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