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Tips for Choosing a Self-Storage Facility

Self-storage facilities can come in handy for many different reasons – maybe you’re moving to a new place, running out of space at home, or just trying to be more organized with your stuff. With a huge number of options, however, how do you choose?

Things to Store

You obviously can’t skip this step because it will tell you the amount of space you need to rent, as well as features you’ll need. Will you be storing paintings, books, a boat or maybe a car? Take note that some items will need certain features, such as climate control for paintings and other sensitive materials, to keep them in good shape.

Insurance Requirements

Scan your homeowner’s insurance or renter’s policy to know if the things you intend to store are presently covered. Your insurance company may require a specific type of storage before they grant coverage. Otherwise, you can look for a facility that already includes insurance in your costs.


Choose a storage facility that permits access to your things whenever needed. Some are open round-the-clock, while others are only accessible within certain hours of the day or night. Also, ensure that the area is securely fenced and protected by functioning security cameras.


A deal may seem like the best ever, but if you have to travel far and wide to get to the facility, you will soon feel burdened by it. It’s always worth paying a little extra for convenience.

Rules and Regulations

There are unique rules for each and every facility. They may differ in several aspects, like in terms of the things you can store, for how long and so on. You need to know every single detail of a facility’s policies before deciding it is what you want.

Reviews and Ratings

Read online reviews on the facility you’re eyeing. This may well be the sharpest picture you’ll get of what it’s like to rent with them. Of course, you need to choose your sources too. Stick to third-party consumer websites (Yelp, Angie’s List, etc.) where information is more likely reliable and unbiased.

Call them!

You won’t have to deal with a storage facility manager very often, but if they’re being rude or dismissive over the phone, you should seek other options. A good storage manager knows that customer service is vital to any business and will answer all your questions or concerns with enthusiasm. Whichever storage facility you finally decide to use, be sure it is right for your needs and budget, and scores high on convenience.

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